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About Us

Woofstock UAE, an event powered by Doggie Adventures In Dubai

Woofstock UAE is founded by Yvonne, founder of Doggie Adventures In Dubai.

Together with her now 16 year old dog Boefje, they have been exploring the UAE since many years and helping other dog owners to find all dog friendly places like (indoor) dog friendly restaurants, hotels, beaches, parks and much more.

Yvonne & Boefje

How Doggie Adventures In Dubai started

Boefje was rescued by Yvonne in The Netherlands when she was almost 4 years old.

From the very start, Boefje joined Yvonne on days out but also went with her to work whenever possible and even joined vacations.

Their first vacation together was a roundtrip in Italy. 

After visiting the UAE very often since she was little, Yvonne moved to the UAE and Boefje of course relocated with her.

Seeing that many dog owners were struggling to find dog friendly places, mainly in Dubai, Yvonne wanted to share the knowledge she had.

Over the years her platform has helped thousands of dog owners to be able to spend more quality time with their dogs outside of the house. 

At Woofstock you can be yourself. It's not only a place of entertainment, but most importantly a place where you get to have some quality time with your furry friend.

Meet The Team

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